Smart Farm and Agri-enviromental
Big Data Value
Smart Farming digital
transformation and
agri-environmental monitoring
Empowering farmer’s competitiveness and fair income Targeting the new Common
Agricultural Policy (CAP) implementation
Ιntroducing an innovative, open source, intelligent and multi-technology,
fully distributed Agri-Environment Data Space (ADS)


Develop an innovative, fully distributed, Federated rather than Integrated ADS

Increase end-users/farmers trust and confidence to agri-environment AI technology 

Decentralized data capture management & In-situ on-device/edge real-time data upscaling

Innovative Business Models based on traceable use-case knowledge and data sharing

Farmers/Stakeholders production adaptation and behavioural change to climate policies

The solution on the triangle a) global food needs, b) competitiveness/farmers’ fair income and
c) sustainable farming/protection of the environment lies in knowledge

Use Cases


USE CASE #1 - Arable Crops

Optimize the quality and quantity of the crop production and increase the environmental sustainability. Reduce the wasted irrigation water, fertilizers, pesticides, energy. Involve different technologies and data platforms such as IoT sensors, edge cloud, drones/satellite visual/multispectral images and AI models.

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USE CASE #2 - Vegetables

Precision irrigation/ fertilization, harvest /diseases prediction for vegetables/arable crop increased production. Involve IoT sensors, edge cloud, radiation/clorofile/pH metering, multiple data platforms with geotagged photos alone with drones/satellite multispectral imagery.

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USE CASE #3 - Trees & Vineyard

Protect the health and quality of fruit trees and vineyards crop. Increase quality and quantity, avoid diseases with less pesticides, foresee and mitigate frost. Involve IoT weather/soil sensors, edge cloud, diverse geotagged photos’ datasets, drones/satellite multispectral imagery.

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USE CASE #4 - Livestock

Use edge cloud and real-time IoT sensor data (e.g. neck collar, feeders, emission sensors) together with GPS location data to monitor the cattle/pig health, activity, feeding and calving, proactively control milk and meat quality, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen deposition.

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USE CASE #5 - Cross Sector

Validate cross domain use cases (fruit, vineyards, livestock, milk, oil, biogas, manure, energy) and address both supply and demand sides of the supply chain, including interoperability and traceability of platforms, electricity production and waste management.

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