Use Case Cluster #2 - Vegetables

Precision irrigation/ fertilization, harvest /diseases prediction for vegetables/arable crop increased production. Involve IoT sensors, edge cloud, radiation/clorofile/pH metering, multiple data platforms with geotagged photos alone with drones/satellite multispectral imagery.

The use cases of Cluster 2 for vegetables are:

  • UC 2.1: Precision open field/greenhouse Irrigation/Fertilization: Compare open field and greenhouse yields, focused on tomato and cucumber via an innovative fully automated sensing/decision/irrigation system.
  • UC 2.2: Increase Leek /carrots production/quality: Early detection of diseases in carrots yields (i.e. early leaf disease detection, Alternaria, mildew/Erysiphe, viruses), may have a significant impact in quantity and quality.  
  • UC 2.3: Increase peans/beans production/quality: Early detection of diseases in peans/beans yields (i.e. early leaf and stem disease detection, Sclerotinia, Ascochyta, Alternaria, viruses), may have a significant impact.  
  • UC 2.4: Protection of toxic weeds: Datura is a toxic weed that may appear in mainly beans and peas production.
  • UC 2.5: Optimisation of Soluble Solids Content: detection of soluble solids content focused on tomatoes through non-destructive methods in situ (non-harvested fruits) may have significant impact in quality (ºBrix)