Use Case Cluster #5 - Cross Sector

Validate cross domain use cases (fruit, vineyards, livestock, milk, oil, biogas, manure, energy) and address both supply and demand sides of the supply chain, including interoperability and traceability of platforms, electricity production and waste management.

The use cases of Cluster 5 for Cross Sector are:

  • UC 5.1: Fully Circular ecosystem: Experiment and model the correlation of IoT data, ranging from forage crop production, cattle feed, welfare and manure handling, biogas generation, electricity production and utilization of solid and liquid waste in biological fertilization and irrigation of crops (including forage). 
  • UC 5.2: Supply Chain transparency for Orchards/Vineyards: Experiment and model both on-farm and post-farm activities, from technical and business perspectives related to orchards/vineyards harvesting, fruit processing/wine production and supply chain traceability, including data business models.
  • UC 5.3: Supply Chain transparency for Meat: Experiment and model both on-farm and post-farm activities, related to cattle/pig meat production, by interoperable farm, slaughterhouse and supply chain traceability.