Use Case Cluster #4 - Livestock

Use edge cloud and real-time IoT sensor data (e.g. neck collar, feeders, emission sensors) together with GPS location data to monitor the cattle/pig health, activity, feeding and calving, proactively control milk and meat quality, reduce the greenhouse gas emissions and nitrogen deposition.

The use cases of Cluster 4 for Livestock are:

  • UC 4.1: Reducing Greenhouse gas emissions: Collecting, processing and corelating feed and emissions data in one flow aiming to significantly reduce the enteric emissions mainly on cattle.
  • UC 4.2: Reducing nitrogen deposition: Collecting, processing and corelating feed and manure along with nitrate objectives of the flushed water to create the new manure action plan (MAP).  
  • UC 4.3: Proactive cattle/pig health/welfare monitoring: Utilize activity sensors/neck belts to remotely monitor the cattle/pigs wellbeing/welfare and moving habits to proactively control the meat and milk quality. 
  • UC 4.4: Calving monitoring: Calf losses are often result of dystocia (difficult calving). Losses may be reduced by sending calf birth alarms as the earlier help is sought the greater the survival rate of both cow and calf.