The 1st Advisory Board meeting for AgriDataValue was held online on the 24th of July 2023. It was attended by external advisory board members and the consortium partners. The advisory board consists of three external experts, namely, Mrs. Marianna Faraldi (project manager at Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A), Mr. Gregory Chatzikostas (vice president of business development at Foodscale Hub), and Prof. Federico Alvarez (associate professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid -UPM).

The consortium presented an overview of the project objectives, current and planned activities, as well as the project’s overall architecture. In addition, the consortium presented the project’s pilots and the associated use cases. The Advisory Board members provided inspiring and valuable feedback on the work accomplished, identifying also opportunities and potential challenges. The consortium of the AgriDataValue aims to capitalize on the fruitful discussion and experts’ recommendations that aim to safeguard the project’s smooth operation, public outreach, and impact creation.