The SynField system has been installed in a cultivation area in the outskirts of Zalenieki, Latvia. This is the first smart agriculture system installed within the AgriDataValue project. SynField provides the capability to monitor and record the environmental and soil conditions prevailing in the area. The installation includes a meteorological station, a soil temperature sensor and a humidity sensor. The meteorological station records the ambient temperature, relative humidity, wind intensity, wind direction and rainfall. SynField smart agriculture systems will be installed in many European countries to collect valuable data and measure key environmental parameters.

The AgriDataValue technologies will be fully tested and validated during the AgriDataValue project lifetime through the projects’ Use Cases (UC) in 9 countries, representing more than 181,000ha with 25 types of crops that span from southwest to northeast Europe, outdoor and greenhouse crops, organic and non-organic production, and more than 2,000 animals of 5 types.  In addition, more than 4,200 farmers will provide insights and more than 89,000 will be directly informed.  

Within the projects’ Use Cases, SynField smart agriculture systems will be utilized to collect valuable data in order to optimize the quality and quantity of the crop production and increase environmental sustainability. Innovative technologies such as SynField will contribute to reducing the wasted irrigation water, fertilizers, pesticides, and consumed energy.