At ILVO the enteric emissions from dairy cows are being monitored to gather data that will be used to develop AI models within the AgriDataValue project. Currently, enteric emissions are already being monitored at the ILVO dairy farm using GreenFeeds (C-Lock Inc., USA). In these devices cows are being fed small amounts of concentrate while at the same time the concentration of methane and carbon dioxide in their breath and eructation are being measured. Cow measurements are combined into daily emission values expressed as grams CH4 per day which provide a good idea of enteric emissions from cows. As these emissions are influenced by many other factors, general cow data such as milk production, lactation stage etc. will also be made available for further analysis.

Apart from these individual measurements, SynField sensors will be used to gather more emission data from the barn environment in the future. Using the AgriDataValue platform, these data will be made available for the development of AI models to create more added value.

As one of the pilots in the AgriDataValue project, ILVO intends to further increase the range and quality of emission data and make them available to third parties in the project in order to work towards a reduction of greenhouse gasses in the dairy sector.