On Thursday, December 12, George Kokkinos, President of NILEAS Producer’s Group, participated as a speaker in an exciting day workshop entitled “Strengthening the agri-food chain through social dialogue” which was organized by the Federation of Industrial Labor Unions in the Serafion Centre of the Municipality of Athens.

The workshop aimed to focus on identifying, disseminating and promoting best practices related to European Social Dialogue and labour relations in the agri-food chain.

During his speech, he had the opportunity to present the AgriDataValue Project. Targeting the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) implementation, AgriDataVaue will drive developments in Smart Farming, Precision Farming, Agri-Environmental monitoring and strengthen the Agricultural Digital Transformation at European Level. The project will implement a specialized digital platform for upscaling (real-time) sensor data for EU-wide monitoring of production and agri-environmental conditions. Beyond storage efficiency and semantic interoperability, the multi-technology platform will combine state-of-the-art Big Data/Artificial Intelligence frameworks and Data-Spaces’ Technologies (BDVA/IDSA/GAIA-X) with agricultural knowledge, agri-environment policies and farmers’ engagement campaigns.

NILEAS Producer’s Group is a partner of the AgriDataValue consortium and participates in the Use Case Cluster 3, which aims, in particular, to protect the health and quality of olive orchards by using fewer pesticides and to predict and mitigate the effects of frost. The project started on February 2023 and will last six years.