InAgro hosted the second Learning Network meeting of Pilot 5 on the 19th of January. In total, 14 participants from which 10 farmers shared their experiences with smart farming.

AgriDataValue Pilot 5 is situated in Belgium (Flanders). It covers both vegetables and arable crops. The pilot consists of a field with six crops that are rotated yearly called the Optifarm. New technologies and management practices are applied, and data is collected. The field simulates a real farmers’ field while still allowing more risky and experimental treatments. The data acquired includes weather station data, laboratory analyses of soil samples, soil scans and multispectral drone data. Additional IoT sensors may be included during the AgriDataValue lifetime.

The meeting provided inspiring and valuable feedback on the work accomplished, identifying also opportunities and potential challenges. AgriDataValue aims to capitalize on the fruitful discussion and recommendations that were made. Furthermore, during the event, a QGIS workshop was organized.