In February 2023, a new project named AgriDataValue (ADV) was launched, bringing together approximately 30 partners from across the European Union and the United Kingdom. AgriDataValue, set to run initially for three years, aims to be the definitive game changer in the digital transformation of sectors like Smart Farming and climate adaptation. The project, however, is not just limited to its scheduled timeframe; it will extend beyond these years for monitoring and leveraging its results.

What sets AgriDataValue apart is its approach: integrating (big) data with existing systems and cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, blockchain, and traditional agricultural know-how. This integration seeks to create a platform that is not just a foundation for a sustainable business model in agriculture but also a cornerstone for research and development of innovative systems.

Delphy, participating as an agricultural partner, contributes in two of the 23 diverse pilots within this project. These pilots cover a wide range of areas, including crops like vegetables and fruits, and even animal farming. They are structured around specific Use Cases addressing challenges such as reducing fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation water use, improving harvest quality, minimizing greenhouse gases and nitrogen emissions, and enhancing animal welfare.

The first Delphy-pilot focuses on onion cultivation, aiming to optimize irrigation water usage. In the Netherlands, climate change has made consistent irrigation a necessity for crops like onions. Traditionally in Dutch arable farming, irrigation is done with reel systems, but more and more growers are switching to drip irrigation systems. Because of a more precise dosing of the water as well as the possibility of also applying fertilizers, even higher yields can then be achieved. As in some areas of the Netherlands, the availability of good-quality fresh water is becoming less and less, this has also become an important aspect. At Delphy, we have several studies ongoing on drip irrigation supported by soil moisture sensors and Delphy’s own-developed QMS water system. AgriDataValue can contribute to these studies by exploring the possibilities of AI and ML in combination with traditional farmer knowledge and experience to determine optimal water usage.

The other pilot in fruit farming leverages data collected through drones, satellites, and soil scans to reduce reliance on chemical pesticides. The challenge lies in efficiently gathering data through sensors, effectively combining it with other available data, and drawing impactful conclusions to support farmers’ ambitions. Delphy already has a lot of experience in using data in orchards, and AgriDataValue aims to further this progress in reducing chemical crop protection agents.

In general, AgriDataValue strives to simplify complex processes. The question at its heart is whether AI, ML, or other technologies can be used to make data-driven agriculture simpler, more efficient, and more sustainable.

About Delphy

Delphy is an agricultural consultancy firm, based in the Netherlands. It represents excellence and global expertise in the plant sectors, particularly food and flowers. With over 250 employees operating from various locations around the globe, Delphy is a guiding force in agriculture and horticulture. It is not just a consultancy firm; it’s a trendsetter in quality and expertise, shaping a sustainable future in the food and flowers industry.