During the 8th Regional Info Day on “The Adaptation of the Peloponnese Region to Climate Change” on June 20th in Kalamata, George Kokkinos, President of NILEAS Producers’ Group, presented the AgriDataValue project, which aims to revolutionize the agricultural sector through advanced technology at the European level.  He also delivered a speech titled “Olive Orchards and Climate Crisis: Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities.” He highlighted the need for a comprehensive approach to ensure the sustainability of olive cultivation in the context of climate change. Mr Kokkinos concluded by emphasizing the lack of a coherent policy and plan for the agri-food sector, warning of the potential threat to agriculture due to the escalating effects of climate change.  More than 150 people participated in the event, including policymakers, representatives of local authorities, cultivators, advisors, and scientific community members.